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October 14, 2020

Moving to more sustainable pest management with plant doctors in China

October 2, 2020

La biotecnología en Colombia comprometida con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible

September 25, 2020

Innovation is key to sustainability and food security, Corteva Agriscience VP Anne Alonzo tells Politico Agriculture and Food Summit

September 16, 2020

Circular agriculture calls for practical steps
Kringlooplandbouw vraagt praktische stappen

August 27, 2020

How does the seed sector contribute to the SDGs?

August 3, 2020

Can America's big cotton industry go green? (Forbes)

July 22, 2020

Pressemeldung der Verbände zum 2. Jahrestag des EuGH-Urteils zu den neuen Züchtungstechniken (NZT): "Mehr Innovation wagen" - Europa will Nachhaltigkeitsweltmeister werden - ohne Innovationen geht es nicht! Anpassung der Rechtsgrundlage für Anwendung neuer Züchtungstechniken dringend geboten

July 17, 2020

Biotechnology and Sustainable Food Systems - EuropaBio's position paper on the European Commission’s Farm to Fork Strategy

June 11, 2020

An essential sustainable farming practice faces one big limitation: Land to produce seeds

June 8, 2020

Grow it safe: Sound agricultural practices ensure a safe and sustainable food supply
Cultivos seguros: las buenas prácticas agrícolas garantizan un suministro de alimentos seguro y sostenible
Giornata Mondiale della Sicurezza alimentare, le parole del nostro CEO Erik Fyrwald

Healthy Plants – Healthy People – Healthy Planet : Securing a safer, healthier and more sustainable future through the power of plant and microbial science

April 23, 2020

Sakata Seed America discusses controlled environment agriculture (And Now U Know)

April 21, 2020

European Industrial Hemp Association presents the Hemp Manifesto

Our planet earth: looking to the future

April 20, 2020

Conservation agriculture key in meeting UN Sustainable Development Goals

April 10, 2020

Why China is emerging as a leader in sustainable and organic agriculture (The Conversation)

April 7, 2020

Interview: Sustainable agriculture is a cornerstone of BASF's strategy in India (Agrow)

April 6, 2020

Streitgespräch zur Grünen Gentechnik: »Wir sollten möglichst viel Chemie durch Genetik ersetzen« (Spektrum)

February 10, 2020

Pulses, sustainable 'superfoods' for the future

January 24, 2020

A wake-up call for the fertilizer industry - At international conference, plant nutrition experts highlight the important role of sustainability

December 18, 2019

The big read: Greening the UK feed industry (FeedNavigator)

December 5, 2019

Discover the future(s)! Four scenarios for future-proof crops

November 29, 2019

These Dutch tomatoes can teach the world about sustainable agriculture

November 27, 2019

Europe must embrace GMOs to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (The Parliament Magazine)

November 20, 2019

Beyond the green revolution

November 11, 2019

International Seed Federation urges adoption of consistent, science-based policies to support sustainable agriculture

October 28, 2019

Climate, nutrition and security challenges require global food system transformation - The 2019 Borlaug Dialogue explored solutions to feed the planet sustainably in the face of conflict and climate change.

October 14, 2019

Syngenta-topvrouw: Huidige landbouw kan zo niet langer (Boerderij)

September 17, 2019

Taking product stewardship seriously

September 4, 2019

Consumers and farmers call for more sustainable food production in Europe - New research by Corteva Agriscience and FT Group reveals that consumers are ready to embrace technology in agriculture 


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