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April 8, 2020

Optimale Saatbettbereitung für Sojabohne

Gene breakthrough in fight against weeds - Development is a 'game-changer' for lab studies into herbicide resistance

At a glance: 10 tips to improve survival of your canola seed (Country Guide)

Gene editing of three BnITPK genes in tetraploid oilseed rape leads to significant reduction of phytic acid in seeds

Advancing robotics in the Australian vegetable industry (Fresh Plaza)

April 7, 2020

Australia - Growing pulses in 2020 – new resources to get you going

Wild tomato resistance to bacterial canker has implications for commercial tomato industry

The Brown Revolution: How soil microbes help plants resist disease - Fungi induce two substances in corn that boost immunity, making a stronger crop

Fungi found in cotton can decrease root knot nematode galling

Making biofuels cheaper by putting plants to work - Berkeley Lab researchers describe how biofuels can achieve cost parity with petroleum fuels

April 6, 2020

Die CRISPR-Bibliothek ist da - Interessante Anwendungen von Genome-Editing in der Pflanzenzüchtung findet ihr ab jetzt hier (Progressive Agrarwende)

Feasibility analysis of near infrared spectroscopy for detecting sweet corn seed vigor (ScienceDirect)

Ireland - Root growth essential to reach potential yields (AgriLand)

April 3, 2020

4 keys to successful canola seeding with a single disc drill (Aberdeen News)

Automating weeding in iceberg lettuce (Future Farming)

Test fields for soybean cyst nematode (SCN) and test your SCN IQ

April 2, 2020

Delair drones mine for data (GPS World)

USA - Gatherings for greenhouse vegetable growers go virtual thanks to COVID-19 (Greenhouse Grower)

Drought Center, University of Nebraska's Center for Advanced Land Management Information Technologies (CALMIT) help launch drought-monitoring, forecast tools

Cover Crop Corner: Using berseem clover to improve alfalfa production - ncrease hay quality through the synergistic relationship between berseem clover and alfalfa

Más rendimiento de maíz tardío con vicia como cultivo de cobertura - La inoculación con Rilegum Top, fue importante para aumentar la fijación biológica de nitrógeno y obtener mejores rendimientos

Wheat curl mites: What are they and how can we fight them? Colorado State University's entomologist Punya Nachappa explains wheat curl mites, the impact of climate change and why breeding for host plant resistance is key

April 1, 2020

Argentina - Preocupación en la cosecha por lotes semillas secas de soja - Llegó el momento de la trilla de soja campaña 2019-2020 y en algunas localidades comenzaron a aparecer lotes de semillas con bajos contenidos de humedad (AgriTotal)


Kentucky, USA - Last year’s hemp diseases equal this year’s disease risk

Stacked traits in biotech crops

Computomics response to Ivan Baxter's opinion on candidate genes in Plant Biology

Como calcular a densidade de semeadura pelo celular

March 31, 2020

United Kingdom - Widening the gap in heading dates pays off - There’s nothing ‘usual’ or typically’ when it comes to grass growth and cutting dates in some parts of the country if the past few years are anything to go by

Organic soybean producers can be competitive using little or no tillage

Syngenta's digital components help producers make the best decisions (Iowa Agribusiness Network)


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