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August 12, 2020

Intergrain wheats go hard to reap rewards for growers

Researchers explore pollen fertilization mechanisms - A study showing how pollen tubes grow into flowers to reach the ovule paves the way for the improvement of food crop varieties as well as a deeper understanding of the growth of fungi and neurons

Brasil - Pesquisa seleciona cultivares de brócolis com capacidade de resistência à podridão negra

Genética amplia resistência à Giberela e Brusone no trigo

Seed company reaches $1.15M settlement with NORPAC (Capital Press)

August 11, 2020

Third breakthrough demonstrates photosynthetic hacks can boost yield, conserve water

Instinct NXTGEN nitrogen stabilizer from Corteva Agriscience launches for 2021 growing season - The newest formulation of Instinct nitrogen stabilizer offers improved handling and a lower use rate 

Productores cuentan con semillas para sembrar 10 mil hectáreas de algodón en la Región Caribe

Brasil - Corteva Agriscience lança os inseticidas Expedition, Closer SC e Verter SC

Update on the American Seed Trade Association's CSS & Seed Expo 2020

Yield10 Bioscience announces second quarter 2020 financial results

De la siembra a la cosecha: las claves de un multiplicador de semillas (La Nacion)

Exciting additions to Syngenta Flowers' extensive pelargonium range

Great grower solutions from Syngenta Flowers: new petunia series FotoFinish and FlashForward

Saatbau Linz - Bei Kontraktanbau mit Winterbraugerste Freibier erhalten

NordGen’s measures for reducing the spread of COVID-19 is ongoing
NordGen fortsätter anpassa sin verksamhet till utbrottet av COVID-19

James Hutton Institute's bioinformatics group unveils a new version of Germinate, the Institute's open-source, fully featured plant database infrastructure and application programming platform

Insektensterben global betrachtet - Metastudie zeigt: weniger Landinsekten, mehr Süßwasserinsekten

Forschungsaufruf: Honigbienen-Vielfalt wird erstmals deutschlandweit untersucht

Agtech to the rescue in a pandemic: adapting plant labs for human testing

Is modern wheat off the hook? Gluten in wheat: What has changed during 120 years of breeding?
Freispruch für modernen Weizen? Gluten im Weizen: Was sich nach 120 Jahren Züchtung verändert hat

Greencumbers de Enza Zaden - ¡Pásate al verde! 

Dobbelt guldvinder i vinterrapsforsøgene: 6,6 tons pr. ha

 Pink rot on potato in Tasmania, Australia

Ad Terram Crop Support to demonstrate resilient onion growing protocol during Dutch National Onions Day
Weerbare uienteelt demonstratie met Ad Terram Crop Support op Landelijke Uiendag

Yield10 Bioscience signs research agreement with GDM to evaluate new yield traits in soybean

Italy puts tomatoes on the blockchain - Over 300 Italian agricultural companies adopt VeChain’s blockchain (Tomato News)

California, USA - Growers plant Sonoma County’s first legal hemp crop (The Press Democrat)

United Kingdom - Oilseed rape disease: Using resistant varieties is the only way to tackle turnip yellows virus (TuYV) (The Scottish Farmer)

Flavonoids' presence in sorghum roots may lead to frost-resistant crop




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