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May 11, 2021

Agriculture Value Chain: soja brasileira a caminho da China - A Syngenta enviou o primeiro carregamento da oleaginosa para o Oriente, e toda a captação portuária até o destino final está sendo acompanhada

Brasil - Marca NK da Syngenta lança três cultivares de soja e cinco híbridos de milho safrinha

Mapa de Cultivo Outono: saiba o que plantar nesta estação na sua região - Blog da ISLA Sementes divulga as cultivares ideais para plantio nessa época do ano, de norte a sul do País

Intergrain's new imidazoline tolerant barley, Maximus CL set to maximise

Breeding a better chickpea

Joanne Chory, la científica que desarrolla «super plantas» para salvar al mundo del cambio climático

Bioceres Crop Solutions announces agreement with Havanna to offer consumers HB4 wheat-based sustainable products

Canada - Bayer launches Delaro Complete fungicide, delivering a powerful multi-mode of action solution for corn, soybean, and cereal farmers

Canada - Bayer 's Prosaro PRO sets the new standard in cereal fungicides with exceptional disease protection and grain quality

PanAmerican Seed launches a comprehensive promotional package for growers and retailers to help sell the new Kitchen Minis collection of potted vegetable plants

Belinda Yao joins Arcadia Biosciences as Vice President of Operations

Gusano transgénico sería una opción para el control de esta plaga

Diretoria da ABRATES tem mandato prorrogado até dezembro de 2021

Mason Roerig joins Mustang Seeds as Soybean Product Manager

May 10, 2021

Syngenta Flowers expands sales team with Kelli Gibson

Benson Hill, sustainable food technology company driving the plant-based food revolution, to combine with Star Peak Corp II

Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and World Vegetable Center ink agreement for Phase II of the International Mungbean Improvement Network

Takii's 'Phytorich Powerful Tomatoes' available at Dutch supermarket chain DEEN

Maximum management of harmful nematodes with Tagetes ‘Ground Control’, specially developed by Takii for growers who want to suppress harmful lesion nematodes in the most efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way

Embracing ag’s crucial role in the fight against climate change

Biodiversitätsmischung gerüstet für das neue ÖPUL 2023

España - Yuksel Seeds logra variedades resistentes al virus rugoso del tomate (ToBRFV) (Portagrano)

„Pandemie“ auf dem Rübenacker - Verbundprojekt untersucht Schilf-Glasflügelzikade, die als Überträger Zuckerrübenanbau in Deutschland gefährdet

Julius Kühn-Institut Dossenheim beteiligt an PENTA-RESIST-Projekt zur Eindämmung der Zuckerrübenkrankheit Syndrome Basse Richesse – Förderbescheide übergeben

Telen in verhoogde bedden en op ruggen

The legume family tree - Massive molecular study uncovers clues to the evolution and diversification of essential plant family

Bespoke autonomous guided vehicles designed for horticulture

Growing sweet corn at higher densities doesn’t increase root lodging risk

TomaTech cracks the code for ToBRFV-resistant tomatoes, files patents for ToBRFV-resistant DNA markers for tomato varieties

A new route to hardier rice: tweak its microbiome (Modern Farmer)



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