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March 2, 2021

Australian Seed Federation welcomes expiry of moratorium on cultivation of GM food crops in New South Wales on 1 July 2021

Vision for 2030: Closing the gap between ideal and reality

The line of defense against the transboundary spread of pests and diseases

Australia - Horticulture leader prioritises soil health

March 1, 2021

Syngenta comments on misleading National Geographic atrazine story - Reporting was based on faulty scientific study

Plant variety protection in practice in Vietnam: the pains in the gains achieved

These women scientists at Corteva Agriscience are breaking gender stereotypes in the agri sector (YourStory)

February 26, 2021

‘People expected me to fail’: Black female hemp farmers discuss disparity in the industry (Hemp Industry Daily)

February 25, 2021

Desoigner crops - Gene revolution turns 25 (DTN Progressive Farmer)

Bolivia - Buscan mecanismos para evitar e contrabando de insumos y semillas - Bayer Boliviana Ltda., Unión Agronegocios y Corteva Agriscience organizaron un conservatorio sobre este tema (Pagina Siete)

Sorghum discussed as low-water alternative crop for Nevada at virtual workshop - University presents information on growing sorghum as a commercial crop in Nevada

February 24, 2021

Want to try Canary seed in your crop rotation? Caution is advised (Grainews)

Computomics podcast, episode 18: End of year episode with Sebastian Schultheiss

England's sugar beet sector needs gene-editing, says Britain’s farming and environment minister (Reuters)

Década da transformação no campo

February 23, 2021

Innovazione, per Bayer la parola d'ordine è Open innovation (AgroNotizie)

Antonio Villarroel, ANOVE: “De todos los insumos la semilla es el más barato para el agricultor” (Revista Mercados)

Global Food Security Index metrics rank North America as top-performing region - Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) releases the findings of 2020 Global Food Security Index (GFSI), sponsored by Corteva Agriscience

2020 Global Food Security Index shows overall decline in food security - Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) releases the findings of 2020 Global Food Security Index (GFSI) sponsored by Corteva Agriscience

Australia - Wheat innovations, plant breeding and more topics for research review panels (Sydney Herald)

February 22, 2021

GM crops could support food security in Africa, new study suggests

Thresholds to behold

Gene revolution turns 25 - The good, the bad and the ugly (DTN)

La filière de Colza, levier de développement de souveraineté alimentaire (L'Economiste Maghrebin)

La coopérative Euralis ne vendra plus de produits phytosanitaires : 7 points à retenir de cette stratégie (Réussir)

Science shows soy is good for health in USA and abroad

February 19, 2021

Unlocking the possibilities in seed to transform the global food system

IITA seeks to build the next generation of female scientists and leaders

Millets are good for us, good for the planet and good for the farmer too

Well-designed strategy drives pearl millet mainstreaming nutrition initiative


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The Triumph of Seeds

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