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July 6, 2020

New Bayer-engineered seed raises questions among experts on the future of weed control (MidWest Center)

July 3, 2020

Colombia tiene en las semillas potencial como despensa alimentaria del mundo

„Wir benötigen eine stärkere Wertschätzung der Landwirtschaft“

“AlimentAção + Salada” reforça importância do aumento no consumo de hortaliças para imunidade

When the drugs don't work - Using pesticide mixtures to combat resistance might be encouraging a different problem

July 2, 2020

Artificial intelligence: A game-changer for agriculture in Africa

International Institute for Tropical Agriculture releases 10-year strategy for managing invasive species in Africa

The development of biologicals and precision ag will go hand in hand - Sanjiv Rana, editor of Agrow, talks with Jan Mostert, Head of the Biorationals Innovation Team, to discuss Certis' strategy for expansion within the biologicals sector

Towards a vibrant, private-sector led seed industry in Africa (AgriLinks)

July 1, 2020

Advancing cannabis genetics in Canada - The case for a cannabis germplasm repository (Greenhouse Canada)

Sementes certificadas: garantia de produtividade

June 30, 2020

La facción verde alemana pide impulsar la edición genética y que ser revise su regulación

The pandemic is a wake up call and speeds up optimisations in horticulture (GreenTech)

Australians need to buy more vegetables to meet the dietary guidelines

Radically transform food systems for Food Security and Nutrition, a new UN Report urges

A haven of diversity - A look at a genebank for Pacific crops and trees

June 29, 2020

Q&A with new ISF President Donald Coles: “We have nothing to apologize for and everything to celebrate”

Assessment of climate change over the Indian region: A report of the Ministry of Earth Sciences (MoES), Government of India

The public and private investments boosting small seed companies and maize yields in Kenya

USA - What happens to glyphosate, dicamba and PCBs now? (AgProfessional)

June 26, 2020

Breaking Ground: Lennart Woltering is a catalyst for achieving sustainable impact at scale - CIMMYT Scaling Advisor emphasizes importance of context and systemic thinking in how we do our research and implement projects

Auch eine Frage des Überlebens: Saatgut über die Katastrophe retten - Ein von Deutschland unterstütztes Projekt im Südlichen Afrika zeigt, warum Saatgut in die Nothilfe einbezogen werden muss (Welthungerhilfe)

Hemp Genetics CEO on selecting the right strains (Greenhouse Grower)

Canada - Plant technology rules need thorough review (The Western Producer)

How local knowledge contributes to agricultural innovation

Die Zukunft gehört Glyphosat - Farb-, geruch- und harmlos? Bayer wird auch nach dem Vergleich unverdrossen an der Produktion von Glyphosat festhalten.(WirtschaftsWoche)

June 25, 2020

European Food Safety Authority report - Climate change as a driver of emerging risks for food and feed safety, plant, animal health and nutritional quality

USA - How a little-known research organization keeps watermelon on your picnic menu

As COVID-19 fractures food systems, global experts issue roadmap to avert post-pandemic food shocks caused by climate change - Influential voices from six continents present path to climate-smart, food-secure future in wake of new UN report warning climate stress contributing to COVID “food emergency”

June 24, 2020

Canada - A letter to customers: Bayer litigation agreement announcement


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