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November 30, 2020

Sementi orticole, Mitsui continua l'espansione (ItaliaFruit)

Loss of host resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus in tomato in California, USA

Canadian Food Inspection Agency wants farmer feedback on cancelling variety registrations - It’s part of the upcoming modernization of the Seeds Act (Manitoba Co-Operator)

KWS: digital transformation in procurement - Peter Hagenow, Head of Strategic Procurement at KWS, discusses the digital transformation of the procurement function at his organisation (Supply Chain)

Haryana Agricultural University develops bio-fortified millet that is resistant to downy mildew and matures in between 75 and 80 days (The Tribune)

New onion variety promises no tears, no bad breath (KCCI)

Syngenta experts excited about the future of plant breeding (Farm Progress)

November 27, 2020

The tiny parasitic wasp that saved an industry - Before chemical pesticides were invented, farmers relied upon local predators to control crop-devastating pests for millennia, but now the practice is getting a modern revival (BBC)

Lucy Brown – Qualidade, resultado e produtos comercializáveis

Can we harness a plant’s ability to synthesize medicinal compounds?
Plantas genéticamente modificadas que producen grandes cantidades de compuestos medicinales

Pimentas reforçam cores e sabores do “Hortaliça não é só Salada”

Climate change adds to woes of lentil farmers in Nepal 

Molecular breeding speeds development of better seeds - Need for continuous testing and application of new breeding methods to deliver resilient seed varieties at a faster rate is more important now than ever before

Matching seed to farmer - New research establishes three new definitions for targeting wheat varieties in India and validates effectiveness of testing in Obregon, Mexico

Italy: the best agronomic solutions to increase the quality of industrial tomatoes (Tomato News)

ToBRFV, the top priority for the end of the year? (Tomato News)

Syngenta Group announces that Syngenta AG completed a successful EUR 100 million tap of its existing EUR 800 million Eurobond

Die besten Körnermaissorten für Oberösterreich 

Späte Wintergetreideaussaat um jeden Preis? Im Vergleich zu den letzten Jahren erlauben die heurigen Witterungsbedingungen nur kurze Zeitfenster für die Wintergetreideaussaat

España - Tomate Trabuco de Ramiro Arnedo (Portagrano)

High Density Mechanical Harvesting (HDMH) in practice at Fresh Produce of Ohio

Assemblée Générale de l'Association Générale des Producteurs de Maïs (AGPM) – Ambitions maïs 2025, allier souveraineté et responsabilité

Julius Kühn Institut stellt Wissensportal „Nützlingsinfo“ online

Seeding a new market - The Indian seed industry, as a sub-sector of the agri-inputs industry, has been the most vibrant in terms of innovation and growth over the past four decades (The Pioneer)

Nieuw aanbevolen ras van cichorei

Asia and Pacific Seed Assocciation gets new President, VP, Treasurer and Executive Commitee member: Virtual AGM 2020

European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO/OEPP) Reporting Service no. 11 - 2020

Obtaining plant variety rights in South Korea

Japanese ag-tech giant in the making - Mitsui invests in Dutch breeding company Totam Seeds (Fresh Plaza)

Genetic research targets herbicide tolerance (The Western Producer)


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