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April 16, 2021

First phase 3rd International Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge open for registration

España - El portainjertos Fusapro con el tomate Rebelión

Saatbau Linz - So gelingt der Sojaanbau 2021

RAGT Semences - Cultures intermédiaires : Itinéraire technique et intérêts des espèces

Denominazione di due nuove razze di peronospora negli spinaci, Pe: 18 e 19

Little millet that are big on nutrition and yield identified at ICRISAT

Italian breeding company Fenix: "We're breeding for the Mediterranean countries" (Horti Daily)

Semillas Fitó y Proexport siguen promoviendo el pimiento en Murcia con la segunda edición del Concurso Fotográfico Vitamínate Con Pimiento

Soybean School: Ensuring seed treatments protect your investment (RealAgriculture)

France - « 100 % des semences de betteravières sucrières livrées par Cristal Union dès la semaine prochaine » (Web-agri)

Rwanda - 5 things to know as Masoro seed processing plant is privatised (The New Times)

New genotyping services launched across CGIAR and partners

Argentina - Nidera Semillas ya cuenta con sus variedades de soja Enlist (On 24)

ARgentina - El INTA registró nuevas variedades de semillas de avena y centeno (Agrofy)

Syngenta and the West African Cotton Company partner to boost Nigeria's food security (All Africa)

Chinese government clears merger of SinoChem and ChemChina (Chemistry World)

Lantmännen and Dataväxt launches a new tool to create value from farm climate data

Ireland - First forage maize crops of 2021 to be planted shortly (Agriland)

Certis Europe develops Kumiai herbicide ‘Effeeda’ for the European market

Rijk Zwaan organises brand-enhancing studio meetings with its Sweet Palermo partners
Rijk Zwaan organiseert merkversterkende studio meetings met haar Sweet Palermo partners

Benary announces expanded dates for CAST ’21 (GPN)

AppHarvest acquires agricultural robotics and artificial intelligence company Root AI to increase efficiency

Uruguay - Aprobación del Estándar Específico del Lotus Angustissimus

Taking advantage of technologies to advance the breeding process

Manejo e tratamento sementes

InterGrain digs deep into boosting barley

FMC Corporation announces executive leadership change in EMEA region

Brazil approves environmentally ‘Friendly’ GM tool for controlling fall armyworm

Agricultural trade across US states can mitigate economic impacts of climate change

Canadian Seed Growers' Association's April 2021 Seed Scoop newsletter



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