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December 1, 2023

Crafting watermelons that maintain high yield potential and meet consumer demand

El Cempoalxóchitl de México para el mondo - Red Cempoalxóchitl del Subcomité de Recursos Genéticos Agrícolas

The backbone of Legacy Seeds’ production and shipping season

Cibus announces new publication: Industrial Scale Gene Editing in Brassica napus

Multi-species DNA chip to boost chickpea improvement - Enabling technology and training is providing a step change for chickpea breeding

Biome Makers hosts "COP28: Amplifying Soil Health in the Climate Conversation"  webinar

Embrapa promoverá Reunião de Pesquisa de Soja em junho de 2024

November 30, 2023

USDA/APHIS deregulates corn developed using genetic engineering

Biotalys provides company update

Enhancing availability of improved vegetable varieties in Tanzania

United Kingdom - Managing cover crop destruction for success in spring malting barley

Neue RAGT Broschüre zum Mais-Mischanbau

España - Top Seeds inaugura su finca vitrina de pimientos en el Poniente de Almería (Portagrano)

The Philippines - New Secretary of Agriculture to focus on ending rice importation

The Philippines - More provinces attain higher yields with seeds received through the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (RCEF) Seed Program

From the CTPS section Protein crops

From the CTPS Section Straw Cereals

GEVES shares its DUS expertise in Togo, Ghana and Senegal

European Union - How will the NGT proposal shape future agri-food systems? A Plant ETP lunch seminar

Resilience, food autonomy and security for EU: a networking event organised by the Agri-Food Chain Coalition

Harnessing crop breeding innovations for a sustainable agricultural future

Bühler and dsm-firmenich join forces to advance efforts to combat hidden hunger in Nigeria

Brasil - Curva de extração do tomate ComandanTY

Semences de tournesol - Céline Motard, Terres Inovia : « L’impression que la qualité des semences proposées se dégrade » (Circuits Culture)

Peroxidase gene confers drought tolerance in soybean

Scientists from IPPCAAS reveal a broad-spectrum rice blast resistance gene in regulating whole growth period

Aktueller Stand Überarbeitung europäisches Saatgutrecht

Bundesverband der VO-Firmen e.V. (BVO) - BVO-Info Nr. 11/2023

Asian Seed Magazine, Volume 20 No. 4, October-December 2023

Limagrain varieties top the 2024/25 AHDB Recommended List - For the second year running, plant breeder Limagrain’s winter wheat LG Beowulf and winter barley LG Caravelle, are the highest yielding varieties to join the 2024/25 AHDB Recommended List



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