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December 1, 2022

Saatgut Austria forciert Bio-Sortenzüchtung (Bauernzeitung)

Vilmorin-Mikado leafy expert

Nuevos proyectos de investigación en Sakata Seed Ibérica

Groundnut ESA crop improvement network sets regional and country level priorities - Significant discoveries have been made for the potential improvement of production of groundnut in sub-Saharan Africa

Finding genes to help fruit adapt to droughts

Arcadia Biosciences announces CFO transition

November 30, 2022

Corteva Agriscience signs agreement to acquire Stoller Group, one of the largest independent biologicals companies in the industry

Vilmorin & Cie. - Lettre aux actionnaires – Focus Colza

RAGT UK returns to CropTec with a bang - Highlights

España - Así es Leónidas, el nuevo brócoli de Sakata con nombre de rey espartano (Portagrano)

Frankrijk : innovatiemissie robotisering en digitalisering in de landbouw

Diet and Health innovation boosted by new funding and partnership - A new Innovation Hub for research into biofortification to increase nutrient levels in crops and food is being launched on the Norwich Research Park

A way forward for strengthening food systems resilience and autonomy in times of crisis

Disparition Jean Menvielle, ancien collaborateur d'Euralis
Remembering Jean Menvielle, long-time Director of Contractual Production at Euralis and Operations Director at the Seed Division

Test plots help ensure better planting and seed decisions (Farm Progress)

USDA/ARS project supports indigenous seed sovereignty

Cameroun - Le Ministre de l'Agriculture veut limiter les importations des semences dès 2023 (Cameroun actuel)

Cameroun - Le gouvernement annonce la construction à Batchenga d’un complexe de stockage de 5000 t de  semences de maïs (Investir au Cameroun)

Seed priming, il climate change si contrasta dalla semina (Terra e Vita)

How plant breeders are getting back to focusing on new genetics (Greenhouse Grower)

Soybean spacing: What research says about 15 vs. 30 inches (Farm Progress)

Benson Hill endorses Framework for Responsible Use of Gene Editing in Agriculture - Framework enables technology developers to demonstrate a commitment to the safe and transparent use of gene editing

USDA scientists produce nanobodies in plant cells that block emerging pathogens

Increasing crop yields by breeding plants to cooperate - Simple experiments may rapidly identify genes that allow success in dense plantings

Tall and golden oat grass: Few new good varieties

Adama Canada recalls Silencer insecticide, while re-evaluating plan for 2023 (Real Agriculture)

Canada - Pest Management Regulatory Agency's decision prompts firms to pull insecticide (The Western Producer)

Is photosynthesis the silver bullet to improve crop yield?

The indoor farm - Providing food security in the face of climate change

Improving cotton’s capability for on-farm experimentation



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