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September 21, 2021

Novo repolho Suzaku da Sakata combina qualidade e rusticidade a campo

Feijão-vagem Suzy da Sakata apresenta alta produtividade e qualidade

Dia de campo apresenta resultados de pesquisas com grãos em Alagoas

Parceria para ampliar o uso da cevada na alimentação animal

Breeding beetle-resistant potatoes

Canadian Seed Growers' Association - Consultation on fee review

Sementes de Soja – Da tecnologia de produção à performance no campo - ABRASS e Canal Rural lançam série especial sobre a semente, o projeto vai discutir temas de interesse da indústria e dos produtores rurais

September 20, 2021

Corteva Agriscience announces winners for 2021 Climate Positive Leaders Program

Raad voor plantenrassen - Gazette september 2021

International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium announces new appointments to board of directors 

Volume 67 of the Annual Wheat Newsletter was published on 1 September 2021 and includes a report on the IWGSC activitie

Save the date ! Colloque de l’AFBV “Les biotechnologies végétales entre science et sociétés : bilan et perspectives”

Enza Zaden is ON at Asia Fruit Congress

Brasil - Tomate Coronel: Excelência em desempenho no campo

Australia - And the winner is - Optus Stadium, Perth

Cebadas de Agromonegros: Líderes en todos los terrenos

Fendt prosigue la expansión de la sembradora de alta precisión Momentum (Interempresas)

España - Seminis no faltará a la nueva edición presencial de la feria Fruit Attraction (Revista Mercados)

Tozer Ibérica presenta sus nuevas variedades de semillas hortícolas (Portagrano

North Dakota State University plant scientist receives USDA grant for phenotyping research with unoccupied aerial vehicles - USDA grant connects interdisciplinary crop and livestock scientists who are researching agricultural phenotypes

Iowa State University and University of Hawai’i researchers receive collaborative award to improve maize genetic diversity

Heineken UK embarks on low carbon barley farming trial

Long-term strategic research: two consortia develop plans

The Netherlands - Plant scientists will use artificial intelligence to make crops more resilient - Clearance for $50 million programme proposal Plant-XR

Kenya - Cases of counterfeit seeds have declined, report reveals (allAfrica)

Kansas State University researchers study benefits, risks of carbon credits - Agricultural economists say opportunities may be emerging for Kansas farmers 

PlantEye F600 sets the quality standard for Plant Parameters

Sustainability starts with the seed — KWS publishes sustainability targets for 2030
Nachhaltigkeit beginnt beim Saatgut – KWS veröffentlicht Nachhaltigkeitsziele für 2030

3ème Congrès Européen du Sorgho : une filière engagée aux débouchés prometteurs

Australian OGTR - Receipt of licence application from The University of Adelaide for field trial of genetically modified wheat and barley



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